Fit To Fly Certificate

Fit To Fly Certificate Thailand

Are You Going To Thailand & Need a Health Certificate?

In consultation with the Thai Embassy, ​​we issue a fit-to-fly certificate, signed by doctors in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Arlanda Airport & Landvetter Airport.

We are listed by the Thai Embassy to issue Fit-to-fly certificates.

Fit to Fly / Fit to Travel in Sweden

Fit to Fly is a simple health and functional examination that aims to investigate whether your health condition makes it unsuitable for you to fly.

You can do a FIT TO FLY certificate of freshness at our clinics in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.

Checklist of Documents That Must Be Brought With You When Traveling To Thailand:

  • Fit to fly certificate (The certificate must be issued MAX 72 hours before the travel date).

  • Passport with visa.

  • CoE "Certificate of Entry".

  • Insurance certificate.

  • Booking confirmation of quarantine accommodation ASQ "Alternative state quarantine".

  • Negative PCR Covid-19 Test (The test must be taken and issued MAX 72 hours before the travel date).

  • T-8 Form ( Click here ).

Fit to fly certificate Thailand

Fit to Fly health certificate in English that is issued no more than 72 hours before traveling for Thailand citizens that does not need to do the PCR test. Travelers to Thailand - We are listed by the Royal Thai Embassy in Stockholm to perform the fit to fly health certificate. 

Your fit-to-fly health certificate and COVID-19 RT-PCR lab test result must be two separate documents. It is your responsibility to present these two documents upon check-in with the airline and on your arrival in Thailand

Fit To Fly Certificate Thailand

Our direct real-time PCR (RT-PCR method) Covid-19 swab tests are fully certified and accredited by Public Health Sweden, ensuring your test results will be accepted by your airline and embassy. The PCR antigen swab test is the only test which is universally accepted by all airlines including Emirates, Thai Airways and British Airways.

Medical Information By Airline

Different airlines have different policies for when you need a fit to fly certificate. Here are some useful links to help you learn when you may need a fit to fly certificate:

  • easyJet fit to fly certificate policy.

  • TUI fit to fly certificate policy.

  • Ryanair fit to fly certificate policy.

  • Jet2 fit to fly certificate policy.

  • Emirates fit to fly certificate policy.

  • British Airways fit to fly certificate policy.

  • AirAsia fit to fly certificate policy.

  • Wizz Air fit to fly certificate policy.

Thai citizens Carelab does not allow you to use the "fit to fly" feature.

Vi är en provtagningstjänst som erbjuder PCR test & Antigentest för Covid-19 samt reseintyg.

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